Tarsus - Antakya   /   

We are continuing to enjoy Autmn at Tarsus and Antakya in Anatolia. In city of leniency and Peace, Antakya, we will both taste the pure middle eastern cousine and get to explore an east mediterranan city with its own markets, chats and history depicted in Tarsus.

1. gün - Istanbul- Adana airport Tarsus City tour
We are flying to Adana airport from Sabiha Gökçen Airport at 7.45 with Pegasus Airlines. After arriving at 9.25, we are moving directly to Tarsus. At Tarsus, we will visit St. Paulus's house, well and church. We'll also see the old Mosque, Kırkkaşık bazaar, Old Roman road, Cleopatra's door and Nusrat Minelayer – which was restorated by Tarsus governance-. After our tour, we are heading to Antakya and visit Payas Castle on the route.

2. gün - Antakya City Tour
We are visiting the St Pierre Church which is commonly accepted as the first church. Inside of it we can see holy baptising well, altar, escape tunnel, mosaics from 5th century, statue of st Pierre and it's bema. We will visit the Habibi Neccar Mosque, the very first mosque in Anatoila after touring the old Antakya district throughout the Herod avenue, the first illumunated avenue in the world. After lunch, we are visiting Antakya Mosaic Museum which is one of the most important mosaic museums both in turkey and the world . Right after the tour we will have a one hour long free time that allows us to see the local wonders of Antakya in markets. In the evening, we return to our hotel after visiting Harbiye Waterfalls.

3. gün - Samandağ- Tree of the Moses – Vakıflı Armenian Village – Tomb of Hızır – Simon Stilit Monastery
Our tour begins at 8.30, right after breakfast with Samandağ district which is a coastal district of Hatay and also known as Süveydiye... We are taking a short photo break on our route that allows us to take pictures of plant coverage of western Ayaz (Batı Ayaz) canyon. After our break in canyon we are taking another tea break under the 1,5 decared shadow of the century old plane tree where the rumors say that it is the former staff of the Moses. After finishing our teas, we visit the Vakıflı Armenian village, a village that has no other similar in Turkey. We will take another photo break at the Dor sanctuary, where we can see the Kel (bald) mountain and longest beaches in Turkey, Samandağ beaches. We are heading to 8th wonder of the world, Vespasianus Titus Tunnel after the Dor sanctuary tour. During the aproximately one hour long walk, we are entering the biggest chamber among the hand carved graves. Right after that we are visiting Hızır's tomb where the 60-82th sura's in Quran states that Muhammad meets with Hızır. We are moving to our restaurant where we can have the fresh fishes caught from mediterranan as lunch. At last, if the restoration finish, we are heading to stilit monastery of St Simon where the stilist cult isolates itself from the earhtly desires and devotes themselves into god. We are ending the tour with watching a magnificent sunset over the monastery that built 479 m over the sea level. Transfer to airport after dinner. Return to Istanbul with Pegasus Airlines 23.05 flight.